Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Do I need to buy additional full-day or two-park Universal Orlando™ tickets to attend MuggleNet Live! 2017?
No additional park tickets are required for any MuggleNet Live! 2017 programming. If you would like to visit Universal Orlando™ outside of MuggleNet Live! 2017 events, you will need to purchase park tickets.

Are any events open to the public (without a registration)?

What is MuggleNet’s policy on harassment?
MuggleNet has created a Code of Conduct based on our past events and our volunteers’ and attendees’ expectations for MuggleNet Live! 2017. Please review it in advance; harassment will not be tolerated under any circumstances.



How much is registration, and what does it include?
All prices and registration details are available on our Eventbrite page: Eventbrite

I purchased a ticket and can no longer attend. What is your refund policy?
The last day to receive a full refund on any ticket purchase is July 1, 2017. After this date, transfer of ticket is the only option available. Email

Can I transfer my registration to my friend?
Individual transfers will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Email

What is your privacy policy with regard to registration?
We do not share personal information with any other organization. Read our Privacy Policy for details.

I need to keep a strong division between my online and “real life” identity. Can I still attend MuggleNet Live! 2017?
It depends on what you feel comfortable with. We cannot guarantee that you will not be “outed” at MuggleNet Live! 2017, but we will try to help you remain pseudonymous to the best of our abilities. You must register for MuggleNet Live! 2017 under your legal name. If this is not an acceptable risk for you, you may wish to reconsider attending the event.

Is it safe to give you my credit card information?
Yes. (Did you really think we would say anything else?) Seriously, though, your credit card information is processed through a secure server with Eventbrite. We will never have access to your credit card information.

Press, Businesses, & Sponsors

I’m a member of the press and would like to cover MuggleNet Live! 2017. What is your press policy?
Credentialed media are welcome to attend MuggleNet Live! 2017 and cover its events. However, since tickets are extremely limited at the event, very few press passes will be awarded. Please contact to request information on press passes.

I have a business, and I would like to sell my products at MuggleNet Live! 2017. Is this possible?
Due to the nature of the event, we will not be providing vendor space at MuggleNet Live! 2017.

I (or my group or business) would like to make an in-kind donation and/or sponsor the event.
If you, your group, or your business would like to sponsor an aspect of MuggleNet Live! 2017 or donate to the event, please email

I’ve read the entire F.A.Q. and I still have questions. What should I do?
Contact us at!